What is Advent?

Have you ever had company over for Christmas? Some of my fondest memories growing up are the moments before family and friends arrived at our house. Advent is a Latin word that means coming. Who’s coming for Christmas? Well, Jesus, of course! Advent is a season of preparation. If you would clean the house to prepare for the company to come at Christmas, what can you clean to prepare for the celebration of Jesus birth? Decorating the house isn’t a bad idea, but for some that is the end of their preparation. Spiritual Advent preparation involves our hearts and motives too. What guilt do you carry? What grudges to you bear? How are you and God doing these days? Would you want to come for a visit? Jesus was born to bring you peace. Not worldly peace proclaimed from bumper stickers, but peace for your soul. Join us each of the four Sundays in the season of Advent in person or online as we look at how God wants us to prepare our lives and our hearts for the celebration of his coming.