By His Wounds We Are Healed – God’s Word

In this Bible class series – By His Wounds We Are Healed – we will walk through the passion account from the worship service and study the gospel lesson for each Sunday in Lent.  In the passion account Jesus says that he will send the Holy Spirit, the Counselor, to convict the world. This is a comfort for Christians because it takes the pressure off of our witness. We don’t need to go in for the “hard sell”. God the Holy Spirit does the heavy lifting to convict a heart of its sin and guilt and then convince that same heart that Jesus has taken that sin away.

In the gospel lesson Jesus talks about the value of his word.  Where can you go to find God? There are some who take to the golf course or watch the sun rise or set over a body of water. Maybe you enjoy spending time with your family and friends. On the most joyous occasions – apart from God’s word – you still won’t find Jesus. Watch and find out why God’s Word is the only place you can find Jesus.

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