Witnessing 101 – Presentation 1

We have gone over the “what” and the “why” of witnessing, it’s time to take a looks at the “how”.  This presentation is a condensed form of God’s Great Exchange, a law and gospel presentation produced by our church body.  Take a look at the expanded form as it offers more information.  How much should we say?  Should we say nothing sometimes when we witness?  What if we only get a chance to speak God’s law?!  What if I say the wrong thing?  In this first week – witnessing 101: presentation 1 – we will look at the presentation.  Next week we will see parts of the presentation acted out.

Please click here for the slides for the first session of presentations.  Please click HERE for the second.  Please click HERE for the conversation dialogues.

The audio cuts out after 3 minutes.