Apostles’ Creed: 2nd Article – Christ’s Exaltation

Jesus’ exaltation may be curious to us.  We can understand why he had to take our place, but why did he have to leave us?  The topic is very similar to the differences between Good Friday and Easter.  Why did Jesus rise from the dead?  It was not to pay for our sins.  Jesus’ death on the cross paid for all of our sins.  Good Friday is the payment.  Easter is the proof.  Easter and the resurrection proves that everything Jesus said he would accomplish really happened.  Jesus doesn’t live on in our memories through beloved Bible stories.  Jesus lives!  So also our loved ones called out of this world do not live on in our memories.  They live!  On the Last Day we will see them again.  Jesus’ exaltation is vital to our faith.  AND notice on the heels of last week’s topic of Jesus’ humiliation, as Jesus reclaims all of his glory and power, he keeps his flesh.  Just as Adam and Eve were perfect in every way and clothed in the same flesh as we are.  Jesus still has a physical body in glory… and, in glory, so will we.