One In Christ Study – Family

Families come in all shapes and sizes.  How many children to have has been a point of much joy, stress, and even guilt over time.  With more people in a family comes more joy, but it also means there is more opportunity for heartache.  When a Christian family faces heartache, the temptation is to ask the question, “What have we done to deserve this?”  There is nothing wrong with the question – any question really – as long as we look in the right place for the answer.  God’s word instructs us in Hebrews 12 to “fix our eyes on Jesus.”  The more we look within for answers the more confused we’ll get.  The more we look to Jesus, the more we’ll see the depth of God’s love.  Christian families aren’t better, but they are better off knowing that God’s love abounds for them and that there is forgiveness of sins.  Watch and see four families that have struggled in different ways, but have found answers in a common place – God’s Word.

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