One In Christ Study – Finances

If you were to walk into a church in 19th century America, you would see wooden pews.  However you could not take a seat in an available pew just because you were a visitor who showed up early for a service.  Even up until the mid 20th century it was common for churches to fund their ministry through a pew tax.  The budget of the church was divided among the families that attended a church.  This was an exceedingly fair, democratic and American way of doing things.  After all there was no state church in America.  The problem with this was that it went directly against what God said in his word about stewardship of finances.  No where does God speak about Christian giving being fair or democratic?!  God speaks of joyful, cheerful giving – not paying a bill.  Where is there an opportunity for first fruits giving or someone “keeping with his income”?  Pew taxes along with sound financial advise may be a good idea in some instances, but that doesn’t mean it will always line up with God’s plan for the blessings that he has given to us.  May we submit all of our time, talents, and treasures to our God.  Please take a moment to watch this week’s Bible class on Christian stewardship.

Have you ever considered electronic giving?  It can be a great way to prayerfully plan your offerings.  Please click here for the form for electronic giving.

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