My Son My Savior – Boy Jesus and John

When Jesus was a boy he went with his parents to the Passover feast in Jerusalem.  This happened every year.  What was different about this year was that Jesus didn’t come home with his parents.  Nazareth was a small village and it wasn’t uncommon for the whole village to travel together.  The kids would run with each other and so just because they didn’t know where Jesus was on the way home didn’t make them horrible parents.  Remember the boy Jesus was the perfect child.  Mary and Joseph were frazzled and upset when they finally found Jesus.  He had to be about his father’s work.  To be sure Joseph taught Jesus his trade as a carpenter, but this was a gentle reminder to his mom and step dad that his purpose was unique.

When John saw Jesus, he had no problem pointing to Jesus as the savior of the world.  Jesus is the source of our faith.  Any other focus in life is misplaced.

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