My Son My Savior – Christmas

Christmas is the celebration of God’s birth.  There are many details that surround this well know account.  How was that four day journey to Bethlehem for a pregnant woman that was so close to her due date?!  Of all the places to have a baby, wouldn’t a barn be the last place?  How does a feed trough turn into the best place to lay the baby down?!  The location and other details of Jesus’ birth are truly humble.

These facts aren’t just unhappy coincidences for Mary and Joseph.  God’s all powerful hand was protecting his Son.  That birth in Bethlehem was wildly important for the Jews, not because Bethlehem was such a great place to live.  It was important because God had prophesied in Micah that the Messiah would be born there.  God promised.  At Christmas God kept his promise!

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