My Son My Savior – Simeon and Anna

Simeon and Anna are the exception to the rule that most Jews weren’t looking for the Messiah.  Even though everyone saw the Star of Bethlehem, it would be a year or two before anyone came to acknowledge the reason God placed it in the heavens.  These two faithful Jews were focused on worshiping the Lord in the temple.  The Jews were always looking back to the promises of God in the Law and the Prophets and then comparing them with what was happening around them.  This was known as prophecy and fulfillment.  God’s promises of a Savior from sin was the focal point of their faith.

For Simeon and Anna to hear from God the Holy Spirit that they would meet the Savior of the world TODAY must have been extremely exciting!  To know that your sins are forgiven because God promised this in the Bible is wonderful.  To see how God would accomplish that?!  Amazing.

Jesus’ work of saving the world started early.  He kept the Law of Moses with a little help from his parents.  What could Mary and Joseph had been thinking as people said amazing things to them about their little baby?  How could Mary and Joseph have afforded a trip to Egypt?!  Watch and find out.

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