My Son My Savior – Healing Hands

Exhaustion is a real problem for people.  There are many different sleep helps on the market today.  There is really only one place that we can go for true rest.  Jesus calls to us to find real rest in him.  This is a spiritual rest.  Just because rest with Jesus doesn’t involve mattresses and a pillow, that doesn’t mean it can’t have an impact in your life.  A guilty conscience can cause sleepless nights.  Sin consuming our thoughts doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for peace in our souls.  This added stress can serve to make us tired.  Some people even reach the point of spiritual exhaustion.  The only cure for that is Jesus.

In the video today Jesus heals a man who could not walk.  Jesus also casts demons out of a woman.  We talked about Jesus performing miracles last week and exactly what that meant for our faith.  This week the Pharisees – the best of the best when it came to being a Jew – didn’t see how Jesus could be helping people if it meant that he broke a few traditions.  It is important to note that Jesus knew all of God’s Word.  He is God after all…  The rules that he broke were not God’s rules.  These were rules that men made up.  Maybe at one point in the history of the world they served a good purpose for God’s people, but by the time Jesus came around, they had become a barrier between God’s people and the rest they needed for their souls.  We’ll hit this topic again next week.

On the topic of demon possession it is important to note that this still happens in 2016.  We just don’t see it in modern-day-America.  What would people do in Winston Salem if they saw a demon possessed man walk down the street?  They would run to their nearest church and see what God had to say about it.  The devil has plenty of other temptations at his disposal in the USA.  In 3rd world countries the practice of demon possession gives a different impression – one of power.  Christianity isn’t as common so the devil can use it to sway and control hearts that are in the dark to his practices and motives.  Remember, Satan is a doggy on a chain.  Jesus controls everything, including demons, for our eternal good.

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