My Son My Savior – Synagogue Saturday

Synagogues are relatively common, but for most people we think of churches?  If you’re reading this you’ve probably heard a number of sermons in your life.  Do you remember what was the best sermon you ever heard?  What was it that made it powerful?  Jesus preached with authority not just because he was God.  People didn’t see his divine power.  There were some miracles, but even those didn’t convince everyone.  Faith is only created by the Spirit through the word.  What made an impact on that Saturday in Nazareth was that the congregation heard God’s Word.  The same Word of God that we use in our worship services and Bible classes.

In this, our 9th lesson, in our series My Son, My Savior we look at the power of God and what exactly makes a sermon good.  Do traditions have a place in the church?  Watch this lesson to find out.

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