My Son My Savior – John in Prison

Our movie and our study takes a more serious turn with this lesson.  Jesus and John were relatives.  When Mary hears that John has been put to death, she knows that the same fate is waiting for her Son.  Instead of being overwhelmed by sorrow the film does a good job of keeping the relationship between Jesus and Mary in perspective.  Jesus was not only God, he was Mary’s Savior from sin.  She knew that and confessed that on the pages of Scripture.

But what of John?  Why would the herald of the Messiah question if he was really the Savior?  The account is recorded in the Gospel of Matthew.  Did John have doubts?  Did he ask this to remove doubts in the minds of his disciples?  Maybe John knew he wasn’t going to be around much longer and wanted his disciples pointed in the right direction.  Since the Bible doesn’t tell us exactly why John asked the question, why not, just for discussion, assume that John really did have doubts about Jesus.  What was it about Jesus’ answer that is so good?  Why didn’t Jesus just say, “YES!”?  Jesus pointed back to the Old Testament promises from the prophet Isaiah.  God kept his promise in Jesus.  That is true for EVERY promise that God has ever made.

What is the worst pain that anyone could know?  I ask that because we see physical suffering in John and the anguish on Mary’s face.  The worst pain would have to be what Jesus endured on the cross because he was suffering not just from the crucifixion but from the weight of all of the world’s sins.  Because he did we’ll never have to worry about going to hell.  Heaven is ours for Jesus’ sake.

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