Reluctant Evangelists

Are you reluctant to share the gospel?  Maybe the opportunity just hasn’t come up for you lately.  I think all of us are busy.  All of us have plenty to do and not enough time to do it all.  What is the answer?  We can see how Peter helped Jesus in Luke 5.  He didn’t make any excuses, he followed Jesus’ command and took Jesus at his word.  We don’t need to have Jesus speak to us directly.  Everything that we need to know for our eternal security and for the eternal security of the world is recorded for us on the pages of Scripture.  Jesus didn’t give Peter the miracle of the huge catch of fish to remind him that he was a sinner.  Jesus wanted Peter to know that the results for Peter’s work were in Jesus’ hands.  In two thousand years nothing has changed.  As long as we are faithful with the good news of forgiveness in Jesus, he will give us the results he wants.

As for finding time… why not try to treat evangelism like every other important activity in life.  Carve a place for it into our schedule!  Put it in your calendar with a reminder.  Pray that God would give you the opportunity and the courage to speak!

This is the second lesson in our Bible class – Evangelism.

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