Why Spread the Good News

Why spread the Good News that Jesus is the Savior of the World?  There are a few reasons.  He did command his church to do so in the Great Commission.  That isn’t the only reason.  There are a few less noble reasons to evangelize the lost.  Sometimes money gets tight at a church and a solution some people have to the problem of a budget shortfall is to reach out with the gospel.  There are a couple problems with this thought.  First why weren’t they reaching out in the first place?  Second, let’s say God blesses their outreach efforts.  Will they stop their evangelism efforts just because the budget is black and not red?  This story illustrates the thought.

There was a golfer who had a hard time hitting the ball out on the links one day.  He found himself in the sand trap.  There happened to be a colony of ants right where his ball landed.  With the first swing he tried his best to hit the ball, but all he hit was half of the colony out of the sand.  With the second swing the other half of the colony was evicted from their homes.  Two lone ants remained.  As the golfer lined up his third swing they decided to jump on the ball thinking this is the only way they would get out of there!

When we hitch ourselves to the gospel, may it never be a last ditch effort.  May the good news of forgiveness in Jesus be the overflow from our hearts filled with his love.

This is the first lesson in our Bible class – Evangelism.

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