Creative Communication

Have you ever met someone who only wants to talk about religion in an intellectual way?  Being creative in our response will be helpful.  Some people learn better through doing or seeing.  Others can simply hear a message and take it to heart.  It is important to remember that in our Christian walk, our witness is all that God asks of us.  We can say more as the opportunity allows, but it is the Holy Spirit that will be the one to change a dead, faithless heart into one that lives and beats for Jesus.  There was an expert in the law who approached Jesus in Luke 10.  Jesus didn’t answer the man, but let the expert in the law use his own knowledge of God’s word to answer his own question.  Sometimes have all the right questions can be just as important as having the right answers.

There are many people who do not like to think about the fact that God demands perfection.  It can be difficult to condemn a person.  Jesus didn’t do that, he simply asked the expert what the Bible said.  When the answer was given, he was satisfied.  If we could keep God’s law perfectly, there would be no problem.  No one can.  All of us have fallen short of the perfection God demands.  Showing love and sharing that bad news are not opposite thoughts.  It is the height of love to point out something disastrous in someone’s life.

It can be difficult to use Jesus examples in our own witnessing, but Jesus is all-knowing.  Jesus knew what to say perfectly at all times.  We don’t have those divine gifts, but we don’t need them to witness faithfully.  At the end of the lesson, the Apostle Paul gives his witness.  When the Roman governor heard Paul talk about the resurrection from the dead, he accused Paul of being insane!  Paul wasn’t insane.  He knew that death had been beaten by his almighty God.  Instead Paul moved on to another who might be able to back him up.  May God’s Spirit give you the words to speak when you witness.

This is the fifth lesson in Bible class – Evangelism

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