Getting People Interested

There are plenty of things to say about our awesome God.  His love endures forever!  He provides for our every need.  One of the problems that we can face is that people simply aren’t interested.  Jesus gives us an example of how we can talk to people in the account of the woman at the well.  We are God’s workmanship created to do good works which he prepared in advance for us to do according to Ephesians 2:10.  How do you know that God hasn’t brought a need into your life that someone ELSE could fill opening the door for you to have a wonderfully natural conversation about faith?

It might surprise you how open people are when it comes to talking about their problems.  When Jesus brought up the woman’s man troubles, instead of running away screaming, she calmly talked to him.  This woman was lonely, and hurting.  This woman desperately needed what Jesus had to offer.  The thing about people who don’t know Jesus is that they are just as thirsty – they just don’t know it.  You might not be able to talk to them about it… ever!  But then again God answers prayer in ways that we might never imagine.  Pray that he would open a door for you to speak your witness and that he might bless the word that you cast.  Check out this encouraging Bible study on getting people interested in the gospel!

This is the fourth lesson in our Bible class – Evangelism

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