Seeking The Lost

Seeking the lost in 2016 might sound a little over the top, but it still happens  Back in college I had a class mate who was walking through Shopko parking lot (think Target), when he heard a little girl crying.  She was wrapped around a light pole sobbing.  The young man asked what her name was and offered to help.  He walked her back into the store and took her to the help desk.  After a short announcement over the loud speaker, a frantic father came up to the counter and found a warm embrace from his daughter.  He had been looking all over the store; she had wandered out.  People still get lost.  But for every little girl lost in a retail store parking lot, there are plenty more who are lost spiritually.  They don’t look lost.  They have a good job, a wonderful family, enjoyable hobbies.  They don’t know where their God is.  They have no idea how to find him or silence the ache on their soul.  They know that their conscience is there for a reason, but how to find an answer…

Zacchaeus, the focus of our Bible study, was was lost as well.  He found God in Jesus.  There are others who can find God in Jesus too!  The problem is that many people go looking for God in pleasure.  Many go into Eastern religions, Islam, or cults like Mormonism.  Some are in a Christian church that has emptied Jesus of his power by reject the Bible as God’s word.  For all of these pitfalls we can lose sight of our God who is still searching for the lost.  In our sermon this week we talked about how God only has one plan – to use the church to find the lost.  In our Bible class we’ll look at exactly how that works.

This is the third lesson in our Bible class – Evangelism

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