Sermon on the Mount II

In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus offers his commentary on the Law.  He hits many different topics, but we’re going to spend a little more time on the topic of worrying.

“Don’t worry!”  That seems like a kind thing to say, but did you know that a phrase like that can cause more harm than good?  Don’t worry is a confusion of Law and Gospel.  What does that fancy phrase mean?  In the Law God tells us to “do” or “do not”.  The Law is a list of commands that are not bad in themselves, but they don’t really offer much comfort.  The longer we look at God’s Law the more we see just how far we really are from keeping it.  The Gospel is the good news that Jesus kept the law for us and that our sins are forgiven.  When you say “Don’t worry!”, you may be trying to help the person you’re speaking to, but you might not be helping.  Instead of thinking – “You’re right, I shouldn’t worry.”  Now the person may feel guilty for worrying!  Doesn’t God say, “Don’t worry?”  He does.  In fact our Bible study spends some time covering the topic of worry and what needs to be our response when worries walk into our life.  Far better to offer Gospel hope.  “You have nothing to worry about because God is in control.”  Or, “I know that this looks bad, but when you can’t do anything about it, go to God in prayer.  He will take care of it.”  God has promised to provide for our needs.  When we see God’s will for our life and have a better grasp of his promises there will be less room for worry.

Oh, to be sure worries will come.  With our God in control, there is no need for worry.  Ask God to take your worries away.  Need a case in point?  Consider our sermon this week from Genesis 15 when God confronts Abram’s worry about having a child.  Start counting those stars!

This is the seventh Bible Class on our summer series – VIC: Very Important Chapters of the Bible.

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