Friendship Evangelism

I wonder if I should bring a Bible along when I talk to me friend about church?  Is it really a good idea to bring my friend to church with me?  What if he or she doesn’t like it!

Oh the questions!  There are so many things to think about when we witness our faith.  Sometimes those little details can cripple us from what God asks us to do.  The most important thing to remember when witnessing to a friend is they’re your friend!  This person already likes you for whom you are.  Doing outreach in the community for a church is wonderful, but all of those exercises attempt to make friends for our Savior.  This person with whom you are about to speak is already your friend.

Of all the questions, I should answer the two that I asked.  There is nothing wrong with a Bible, but when you speak to a person who is unchurched AND your friend, you won’t need it.  The Bible can be seen as a weapon.  It can be seen as intimidating.  You would probably surprise yourself with how much you already know when it comes to your God.  You know the plan of salvation by heart – maybe not ten Bible passages to support it, but you don’t need those to communicate the love of God.  Simply tell his story, your story, and then how your friend fits into that story.  God loved the world in Jesus.

It is a good idea to bring a friend to church.  Jesus used the come and see approach and then his disciples did too.  The people at your church aren’t scary.  Everyone who walks in the door, successfully walks out.  We don’t ask visitors to publicly introduce themselves.  Getting someone through the door – for almost any reason – is a great way for them to see who our God is.  Another is through you, their friend.

This is the sixth lesson in the Bible class – Evangelism

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