Present the Cost

What does success look like? I think that it can be dangerous to look around our society, create an image in our heads of what success looks like and then work towards that goal – all the while thinking that if we never reach that goal, then we aren’t successful. Where’s the danger, you ask? That sounds like the American dream!?

The danger is two fold. 1st, it can be easy to think that if I reach success, God is happy with me. If I don’t reach my vision of success, God must be angry with me. The person thinking this way has just put words into God’s mouth! That isn’t fair to God. Success theology can put any soul in danger.

2nd, consider the Christian prospect. As we offer the hope and comfort of Jesus, it can be confusing at best – discouraging in the worst case, for a recent convert to get the wrong idea about his or her God. It is important for all of us to hear – and especially the new Christian – that Jesus has not come to rescue you from the rain and the bad days. He won’t stop your breaks or tires from wearing out. Life doesn’t get easier for person who turns to Christ. Jesus says, “In this world you will have trouble.” The hope for us comes in the next phrase, “Take heart, I have overcome the world.” Present the cost. Jesus offers us something far better than the empty success of this world. Heaven is our home.

This is the tenth lesson in the Bible class – Evangelism

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