New Year New You – Health

Have you ever looked at a magazine cover and wondered, “How could I ever look that good?”  You can’t.  No one can.  Not without a computer.  It’s photo editing.  Lines get brushed away from the cheeks.  Rounder parts of the body can be flattened.  There is a danger with looking and the mirror and not liking what we see.  God reminds us over and over again in his word that we are loved.  His love makes us radiant, beautiful in Jesus.

If there is something about ourselves that we would like to change, that is not wrong.  Jesus is the greatest agent for change that the world has ever seen.  When you are tired and worn down, find your rest in Jesus.  When you want to give up, remember that you can do all things through him.  He promises to not give you more than you can handle.

That said it is important to be comfortable in our own skin.  It doesn’t do any good to wish we were someone else.  God made us fearfully and wonderfully.  He didn’t make a mistake when he knit us together.  He promises that he has a plan for our life.  If you would like to include in that plan taking better care of your body, that is a great goal.  While you’re at it, remember to take special care of your soul by hearing your God speak in the Bible everyday.

This week we continue our Bible Class series New Year New You.  Last week we looked at addiction, how we can take the good things that God gives us and twist them into sinful habits that trap us.  This week the focus is on our health.  Is it wrong to eat fast food?  Should I join a gym?

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