God’s Love Your Love: Communication

Sometimes I just want to hug people!  Is there anything better than a squeeze around the ribs, or even a hand shake?  I don’t that my day started right unless I’ve gotten my goodbye-kiss on the way out the door.

Does that sound like you?  If not, maybe you’re a gift person.  Receiving a flower or card or treat brightens your day.

There are different ways that we feel loved.  The most obvious way would be to say the words, “I love you.”  However, that doesn’t mean those three little words are the clearest expression for you.  God made all of us differently when it comes to communicating love to the people around us.  The challenge is to find out what language the people around you speak, and then, if it’s different from your love language, learn to communicate in that way.

The title of the Bible Study is: God’s Love Our Love.  What is God’s love language?  I think that got accepted our praise and adoration any way we give it.  When God wanted to clearly express his love for us, he sent Jesus.  You see, all too often instead of communicating love to our God, we give him rebellion.  What did God do with a bouquet of our moldy lives and a box of our best assorted sins?  In exchange for our contempt he gave his Son.  Jesus doesn’t just love us as a passive action, he changed us, redeemed us from sin, death, and the devil.

Want to hear more about nagging, bedtime spats, and the baggage we carry?  Watch this week’s Bible class!  God’s Love Our Love: Communication.

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