God’s Love Your Love: Sexuality

The comfort level fluctuates greatly when the topic of sexuality comes up in a conversation.  I think part of what makes Christians grimace a little when sex comes up is because of the terrible abuse to God’s gift to humanity.  That said, our God is completely comfortable with the topic of sex.  He created us to be sexual people.  Song of Songs details sensual love!  In Mark 10 Jesus was addressing the abuses of God’s gifts of sex and marriage when he laid out simply and clearly what is plan has always been for creation.

Want to make most Christians even a little more squeamish?  Bring up the topic of homosexuality.  Same sex attractions are relatively common.  Most of us know a friend or family member who has them.  The struggle in this case is diverse.  There is a militant political bent that the topic can have, such as gay marriage.  There is an unspoken misunderstanding that for some reason same sex attractions are worse than other temptations.  And worst of all there is the loveless thought that homosexuals can’t be Christian.  Consider reading Rainbow Savior by Pastor William Monday.  There are a handful of helpful essays on the topic (and every other topic you could imagine) in our church bodies’ Seminary Essay File.

We are entering the season of Lent when the church takes time to consider the passion of our Lord Jesus.  His sacrifice for sin covers everyone.  No sin – imagine one, a really bad one – is so great that it cannot be forgiven.  Don’t take my word for it.  Watch Sunday’s conclusion to our three part series God’s Love Your Love: Sexuality.

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