Interactive Faith – Mysterious Marriage

The picture that God gives us in the Bible of his love for his church is marriage.  That’s a tall order for any relationship to live up to.  In a fallen world we rarely get to see that picture clearly, but that doesn’t make God’s creation of marriage a bad one.

During the Wednesdays in February at 7 PM and 9 PM Pastor Randy Hunter will walk through the Mysterious Marriage that God has created.  If you’re looking for help with your marriage, this is a great opportunity to see God’s plan.  Even if you’re not married this is a great walk through if and when God brings that special someone into your life.

This Bible study will be streamed live using LIVE STREAM.  Please click HERE to visit the WELS Interactive Faith Page for more information.  You will find study guides and more information.  Click HERE to go directly to the LiveStream page.