By Grace Alone 1

There are some people who don’t necessarily deny that there is a God.  They just don’t care.  They aren’t really hostile to religion, but they don’t feel a need for it.  In this lesson we’ll look why our soul needs to be the greatest concern in our lives.

If you were to ask someone why they are going to heaven, what do you think they would say?  More often than not, you will hear a person say, “I’ve tried to be good/follow God’s will for my life.”  You might hear Jesus’ name mentioned too.  Those two concepts of works – things that I do for God – and Jesus is not a successful recipe for getting to heaven.  Jesus plus anything is a recipe for disaster.  Everything else will let you down.  Everything else is not a sure thing.

God’s plan is rock solid – fool proof (Fred proof, in my case) so that we can know for certain that we will be in heaven when we die.  God’s plan doesn’t involve us – at least not when it comes to punching our ticket to heaven.  Everything we do in life is a thank offering to our God, but the quality and quantity of those offerings doesn’t matter when it comes to our eternity.

This is the first lesson in our series By Grace Alone.  It is a general overview of simple Law and Gospel.  The focus of the end-of-lesson quizzes in the study will be on God’s grace, and God’s grace alone.

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