Living Stone III

This is our final lesson in our Bible class from 1 Peter.  Jesus is our Living Stone.  As such he is our example to follow.  What does that mean?  Well if you’re not sure how God wants you to act you can look to Jesus.  It can be fun to follow a perfect example.  The art of calligraphy is making letters look perfect on a page.  While our God commands perfection, very quickly the Christian can reach the point of despair when we try to follow Jesus perfectly.  If all we ever hear is how perfect Jesus is, we won’t be able to follow him very well.

Jesus is our example, but he is also our substitute.  Jesus took our place when it came to perfection.  By faith the perfection that God demands is ours.  By faith the sin that destroys our relationship with God is forgiven.  Jesus’ sacrifice paid for all of our sin.  There is nothing more than we need to do (or could ever do!) to be right with God.  What’s left for us?

Our new lives in Christ are where the book of 1 Peter is so powerful!  Christians were not a menace to society, nor are they today.  Christians make the best citizens, workers – and in today’s lesson – we’ll see how they make the best husbands and wives too!

Watch and see how the Living Stone has worked you into his kingdom!

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