By Grace Alone 2

Is there a good way to share bad news?  Not really, but it has to be done.  Especially when it comes to a person’s relationship with God.  There are other times when sharing bad news can be a life saver.  While maybe not literally a life saving action, telling someone discretely that their fly is down before walking into a high profile meeting is the height of kindness.  Conversely by your silence what would you be communicating if you let the person walk into that meeting and be embarrassed?  How much would you have to dislike that person to allow that to happen?

The same can be true with God.  At some point remaining silent can be a terrible choice.  How much would you have to dislike that person to not warn them about the dangers of sin?  The Judgement on the Last Day is guaranteed.  That person may choose to not believe what you say, but you will have done your job.

The truth is that when we speak God’s law it is the Holy Spirit that does the convincing.  We speak for God, but these are his words, not ours.

In this our second lesson from the study By Grace Alone we’ll see what sin looks like and how important it is to grasp just how far lost we really are.

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