By Grace Alone 7 – Baptism

How old does a person need to be Baptized?  At the megachurch known as Willow Creek just south of Chicago, they say 13.  That is the top of the iceberg when it comes to rules surrounding Baptism.  There are a number of points that are touched on in the Bible study including what happens to babies who never get the chance to be baptized.

One that didn’t get an time is the topic of how we should baptize?  Should we dunk or sprinkle?  Does a baptism need to be performed in a River like John the Baptist did at the time of Jesus?  Let’s consider what God has to say about this topic first by look at what the word actually means in Mark 7 .

First let’s look at the correct way to wash hands.  I don’t think I ever go to that extreme!  I understand why I should wash my hands.  From time to time I find myself in a hospital visiting a member or friend of the church and see posters that say, “Washing hands saves lives.”  I can’t argue with science, but if washing hands saves lives, what about washing a soul?  I Peter 3 would seem to say that washing a soul in the saving waters of baptism is a powerful means of grace where the Spirit gives faith, spiritual life and the forgiveness of sins.

Now that the important point is out of the way, where were we?  Oh yes, exactly how do we do this?  God doesn’t say.  Did you read Mark 7 yet – including the footnote?  All kinds and shapes and sizes of items were washed.  The important thing isn’t the “hows”, just that we take advantage of baptism and share this gift from God with others.  To learn more watch this Sunday’s Bible study on Baptism.

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