By Grace Alone 9 – The End of the World

There are a number of crazy ideas about the end of the world.  Examining all of those goes beyond the scope of this Bible study.  The focus of this Bible study is the simple truth of Jesus’ second coming to end the world.  The most important detail about that day is if you, Christian are ready.  That is the focus of most of the Bible study.  Jump down and watch.  Be comforted.  The goal is that you too will look forward to the Last Day.  After all, it’s the day we have been waiting for since meeting Jesus, our first day in heaven!

I do spend a little time looking at one false teacher that revolves around the the Last Day.  It is the teaching of the Millennium, also known as the 1000 year reign of Christ on the earth.  The source of this heresy is Revelation 20.  There is nothing wrong with this chapter of the Bible.  God’s word is clear and will never steer you wrong.  When you read Revelation 20, a chapter full of rich symbolism, let me suggest that you insert just a couple concepts to help add clarity.  Instead of reading 1000 years, insert the time of the New Testament church – that is the Christian church in all its forms since Pentecost.  Instead of reading the first resurrection, insert coming to faith in Jesus.  Instead of reading second death, insert eternal damnation.  Just with those few changes, the chapter makes a lot of sense.  Things will be bad at times, especially close to the end of the world.  Jesus wins.  The devil loses.  We win with Jesus.

Want to learn more about the Last Day?  Watch Sunday’s Bible Study on the End of the World.

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