The Christian in the Church

A couple weeks ago I went fishing on the Shenandoah River in Virginia.   It was a breathtaking trip down a jewel of God’s creation.  The water was low and clear.  As I floated and waded through a few miles of the river it was like I was standing in an aquarium.  Thirty catfish darted from one pool to the next.  I could go on, but that was closest I have been to seeing a fish in water.  They were a home.  It was fun to watch.  The Christian in the church is no different.  Christians gathering for worship, for fellowship, and outreach is what we were made to do.  I’m not advocating cloistering ourselves away from the world.  We are the salt of the world.  But it is alot of fun to see God’s people in God’s house.

Worship is a unique experience.  We have the opportunity to gather as a body of believers and worship together.  It is encouraging!  Jesus promises his presence.  Church isn’t just a party and good times.  Church is a vital time when we hear God speak to us in his word.  The Sacraments are raised up and practiced.  Souls are washed in water and the word.  Souls are fed by the body and blood of Jesus.  After the Christian hears God speak, we have the opportunity respond.  The only good reason to respond to God is in thanks.  Thanks in song, in action, in offering too.

Watch this week’s Bible study to learn more about what Christians do in the church.

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