The Christian in the Community

Lately it is in vogue to tear down confederate statues and raise up protests.  How can we react to our enemies when they try to do us harm?  God has some advice that you won’t find… anywhere else.  He tells us in Romans 12, when your enemy is hungry – feed him?  The kicker is that in doing so you will heap burning coals on his head.

Now, I know this sounds a little crazy.  After someone runs down the street and steals you purse (pocket book for those of you in the south), do you really want to buy them a cheese burger at the local fast food establishment?  Probably not.  However consider God’s logic.  If you do something kind to your enemy after he has done something mean to you, that is not normal.  At least it will give your enemy pause, AND you may have a chance to share your faith.  What is more, if there is any hint of shame left to prick their conscience there will be a burning coal or two that will burden their soul – further opening a door for a Christian witness.

There are many different topics that can fall under this banner of the community.  It would be reasonable to write up a blog post on every one.  For now consider watching this week’s lesson from By Grace Alone, our Sunday morning Bible class series based on the book that Pastor Fred uses at Star of Bethlehem to introduce members of the community to what we believe.  Want to learn more?  Watch this week’s Bible class on the Christian in the community.

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