Common sense would say that we should take care of our possessions.  If we don’t, they won’t last very long.  I can still remember getting my first car that I paid for.  I would wash the car.  Change the oil.  I wanted to do all of the maintenance because it was my car that I had worked so hard to purchase.

Have you ever used a friend’s or family member’s car?  I never like doing it.  I’m always afraid that something bad will happen to it.  It’s WORSE to use someone else’s car or anything, because I know that someday I’ll have to give it back.

Talking about stewardship when it comes to our time, talents, and treasures is no different.  The money in your wallet isn’t yours.  It belongs to God.  That first car that I purchased was never really mine, it was God’s too.  The gifts that he’s blessed me with are all his.  I get to use them to his glory.  Even my calendar is his.  I don’t have “free time”.  I may have time when I can do what I want, but even during this “down time” I need to be certain that my use of time gives the glory to God.

Can I watch the Minnesota Vikings over a supper of beer and pizza to the glory of God? (Watch it Packer fans…)  Of course!  Can skip work every Sunday of the football season and spend all my resources to make it to every Vikings game?  I could, but that would be poor stewardship of my time and treasure.  There aren’t hard and fast rules when it comes to stewardship, but God does give us plenty of advice.

Want to learn a few tips as to how we can use our money to his glory?  How much does God want me to give back to him.  I hear plenty about tithing, but it that really God’s will?  Watch this Sunday’s Bible class on Stewardship to find out.

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