You can search the pages of Scripture and you will never find the word trinity.  Don’t let that alarm you.  The word is theological short hand to describe our triune (three person) God.  All the evidence is in Scripture.  Check out the slides at the bottom of this blog to see for yourself.

The topic of the trinity defines who God is.  That may seem to be an underwhelming topic.  We’ve heard about the three persons of the trinity repeatedly for most of our lives.  We confess our Christian faith in the Apostle’s Creed.  There we find details about our God.  There are no surprises here.

What might be surprising to you is what other gods look like, how they are described, and in what way they are different.  Why do the Mormons claim to be Christian when they clearly worship a different God than Biblical Christianity?  Do Buddhists even worship a god?  A study of the trinity won’t necessarily provide you with the answers to those questions, but they will help you identify differences when they appear.

Want to learn more about the trinity and a few common pitfalls that people run into when encountering another god?  Watch this Sunday’s Bible class on the trinity.

Please click HERE to view the Bible class slides.