Eating on the Road

There are many different options when it comes to fast food on the road.  Sometimes even I have thought, “I don’t know if I can do another burger.”  A salad sounds good after a few days of burgers and fries.  What if you’re diet consisted of the same food every day for 40 years?  Do you think you would get tired of it?

God’s people were on the road and their options are really limited.  Some people question how God was able to keep them alive!  Feeding two million men, women, and children is a tall order!  God tells us that he gave them manna from heaven.  Every day they were to go out and gather their food for the day.  Everyone had enough to eat.  This continued until they set foot in the Promised Land of Canaan; then the manna stopped.

I don’t know that am always very grateful when it comes to considering God’s blessings to me.  I have to confess that some days I get tired of the blessings that come from my God’s gracious hand, if for no other reason than I like a little variety.  In our Bible class today we are introduced to the rabble.  These are the people who may or may not be Israel.  This group inside the Children of Israel will cause problems the rest of the way to the Promised Land.  Some speculate that they may be Egyptians.  After all when the 10th plague happened it wasn’t just the Jews who were spared if the blood of the lamb was spread over the doorposts of the home.  Everyone who trusted God and took him at his word was spared; the destroyer passed over that house.  Now when those people left Egypt with the rest of Israel we could see why maybe they would start to rethink life when it doesn’t go completely their way.

As you watch the Bible study, take a moment to consider what God people had seen already and how after only three days they would complain.  Think of the ten plagues. Think the parting of the Red Sea.  Think of watching the army of Egypt downed in a matter of seconds – no longer a world power.  I can’t imagine doubting God after witnessing all of that first hand, but then again what excuse do I have for ever questioning my God?

To learn more watch Sunday’s Bible Study from the book of Numbers – Eating on the Road.

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