Ask Anything II

Do you have a question about the Bible?  You can ask anything!  Twice during the month of April, we will be taking time during the Bible class to look at questions submitted by members.  Even if the question is of a more personal nature and not for public consumption, I will answer that privately.

Sunday’s session was the second opportunity for the members to submit questions.  It went very well!  Here are a list of the questions that we covered.

How long was Paul shipwrecked on an island?

Why did God not like Cain’s offering?

I have a friend who is not a Christian.  How can I preach the message to him without destroying our friendship and ensuring he gets the message?

Was John the Baptist the first person to perform baptisms or was baptism already practiced before him?

Why can’t kids have communion?

Why can’t kids have Sunday school everyday?

Why did sin come into the world?

Why does the devil make you do bad things?

Why did Jesus die on a cross as opposed to something else?