Theistic Evolution

During our Bible study time we closed out our question and answer series – Ask Anything – by taking a look at a couple questions I prepared at the beginning of the month.  I wasn’t sure what the response would be so I had a couple of backup questions just in case.  There were many wonderful questions submitted, so many, that I never made it to these earlier in the month.

Darwin wrote his Origin of Species in 1859.  God wrote the Bible.  These two books offer drastically different views on how the universe and all life came to be.  There are many Christians who would like to merge the two concepts.  The end result is something called Theistic Evolution.  The world evolved just as it does in evolution, but at the very beginning God is the one who did the initial creating – then he stepped back.  Some have compared this to a Deist concept.

The problem with Theistic Evolution is two fold.  1) It has the concept of evolution that just doesn’t work… at all.  This video helps to describe the very basic problems with evolution. 2) Theistic Evolution does violence to Scripture.  It forces us to ignore what our God says.  God the Father clearly speaks in Genesis 1 about creating the world in 24-hour periods.  Other portions of Scripture confirm God’s creation of the world, even six 24-hour days as well.

The other question we considered is “Why me?!” Bad things come into peoples lives. Sometimes REALLY bad things.  Does that mean that God doesn’t love me? Does that mean that I’ve done something wrong to deserve this?  Jesus directly answers this question in the Bible.  Watch this Sunday’s Bible Study, Ask Anything, to see what he says.

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