Worst Enemy

I have a wonderful life.  Yet, there are some things that are the worst!  Today is my birthday and I think that it’s a wonderful tradition to take a moment to consider all of the ways God has blessed me (as if I could count them all!).  That sounds great, doesn’t it?  So what’s the problem?  When I consider the worst problems I have in life, terrorism, famine, and disease don’t even make the list.  I am not in poverty.  I love my job and and my family.

You could say that my worst enemy is myself.  Everything will be going great when I lapse into a problem.  A poor choice here and weak moment there – just like that – if you’re like me, I’ve gotten myself into a mess of trouble.  The thing is, I can see the temptation coming a mile away.  I know where my weaknesses lie.  Someday I tell myself that no one could ever know what it’s like when I struggle, but that’s not true.

My God promises to give me a way out when I’m tempted.  It might not be the easy way or way I want to go, but even when I’m not faithful, God always is.  He never leaves me.  What is more, he knows what I’m going through.  He has been in my shoes!  Jesus has been tempted in every way that I could ever be tempted, but he always resisted.  Because he never gave in, his advice in the Bible is pure gold.  I can follow his words and my life will be better off.  The icing on the cake is that even when I fall, God is faithful.  Because he never gave into sin, his sacrifice on the cross wasn’t for him but others.  Because he’s God, his sacrifice wasn’t just for me, but for the while world!  That is some good news!

Want to see temptation in action?  It’s not a pretty picture, but our study in Numbers – Counting on God –  takes a look at our worst enemy – ourselves.

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