VIC – Romans 3 Righteousness through Faith

The topic of Righteousness through Faith might not seem exciting at first glance.  The concept is abstract.  There is some work that needs to go in on vocabulary with the Apostle Paul.  Let’s consider a few of these words.

Righteousness:  This is as good a place to start as any on the topic.  That means being right or perfect before God.  That’s a tall ladder to climb, indeed.  The important part here is just how tall we’re talking.  Every time you go up a wrung and thing you’re getting closer to the top, it will never be good enough.  The Bible paints a sad picture when it come to your status by nature before a Holy (perfect) God.  You’re not righteous on your own.

Redeem:  The idea of redemption is far older than the supermarket coupon.  Just because the manufacturer buys back the $0.25 from the supermarket doesn’t mean it can be used as real money anywhere else.  Even though we are familiar with redeeming coupons, I think a clearer explanation is the picture of slavery.  Abolitionist Societies – redemption societies in the north raised money for the sole purpose of purchasing slaves from their owners in the south.  This is what God did for us.  We are purchased, body and soul.  We belong to our God.

Justify: Finally, the topic of justification can be a confusing one because it defies reality.  There is plenty of evidence that OJ Simpson killed his wife.  None of that really matters because the jury in his criminal trial found him not guilty.  When God takes a look at the evidence in your sinful life he declares you not guilty, not because the sins aren’t yours, but because Jesus has already taking the punishment for you.

These three words set the stage for your forgiveness.  Want to hear more?  Watch this weeks Bible study in our series VIC (Very Important Chapters of the Bible) – Romans 3: Righteousness through Faith.

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