VIC – 1 Corinthians 15 The Great Resurrection Chapter

Resurrection isn’t a common thought.  It’s the stuff of fancy books.  When things die, they stay dead, right?  I think that part of the reason Paul spends so much time on the resurrection is because it is very difficult to imagine.  Everything in our lives reflects the death and decay.

So when Paul describes life as a Christian without the resurrection?  Pitied more than all men…  That’s seem to be a little over the top, Paul, doesn’t it?  I don’t think the Apostle Paul was exaggerating when he talked about the importance of Easter.  Easter changes a funeral into a celebration of the victory won by the dead person in Christ.  Easter means a body wasting away from disease will be renewed, glorified.  Easter means that Jesus kept every promise he ever made.  If he can keep the big promises about death and the grave.  Do you think he can keep you safe?  He sure can.

Some people have compared Good Friday and Easter to the payment God made for sin and proof that he kept his promises.  If take this line of thought consider something:  Did God really need Easter?  The payment was made on Good Friday.  Wouldn’t it have been enough for God to simply have made payment for our sin and leave it at that?  There were many promises about Easter and the resurrection in the Old Testament that needed to be fulfilled.  God keeps his promises.  But if you take that factor out, we still need Easter.  How many times do you hear a promise from someone who has no intention of keeping it?  Consider politicians, salesmen, sadly even family and friends.  We need Easter because it is the proof that all that is waiting for us as we close our eyes in death is eternal life.

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