VIC – Romans 8 More than Conquerors

What does it mean to be more than a conqueror?  I supposed conquerors are winners, right?  I mean, if you reach a goal, that means that you’ve conquered it.  We could talk about world conquerors, like Alexander the Great, but it’s 2018 and I want to submit to you a list of 20 conquerors.  This one has Michael Jordan at the top.  I wasn’t just that he won, he brought the sport of basketball into the spot light.  This conversation about winning and conquering only goes so far.  Remember, God calls us MORE than conquerors.  How can that be?  What does that even mean?  What more is there than winning?!

Before you get into “how you play the game” we are still talking about winning, after all.  The game that we’re talking about is far more important than the game of life.  This is the game of eternal life.  The stakes are enormously high.  I could spend another blog trying to explain eternity for you and how important that is.  The is forever is a long time.  I would much rather not be on the losing end of eternity.  Our God reminds us of this in the Gospel of Mark.  God says that I need to be better than Michael Jordan in the sin/perfection column.  For all the shots that Jordan hit, he missed many too.  With our God there is no room for error.  This is where Jesus comes in.

In the 8th chapter of Romans the Apostle Paul offers comfort to the guilty conscience.  Jesus removes our sin and guilt.  He approaches the topic from eternity, talking about election.  He comes into time and talks about all that can go wrong in a life.  He moves into the spiritual realm, then the theoretical.  There is nothing that can separate us from God’s love.

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