When something is planned it takes the pressure off.  A person doesn’t need to take time on a whim to see what needs to be done.  There is a difference between something that is urgent and something that is important.  In today’s age of social media notifications, text messages, and emails the constant notifications can make EVERYTHING urgent.  The problem with this is that what is really important, but not constantly dinging on our phone can be overlooked.

One of those areas that needs to be planned is our stewardship to our God.  There are plenty of things that can sneak into our lives.  Planning financial stewardship never goes to the top of the priority list, does it?  When we plan our gif to God it can be freeing!

  • No more walking into church and feeling awkward about what is or is not in our wallet.
  • No more wondering what our God says and how our gifts stack up to his withering expectations.
  • No more comparisons about what other people think.

Star of Bethlehem offers help for you as you plan your gift.  THIS GUIDE is a great summary of this final Bible class in our series Joyful Generosity.  We also offer online options.  Giving Plus is a service by Vanco that enables visitors and members to give one-time or recurring offerings via credit card or bank account.  You can find the online giving page on our website HERE. Giving Plus is also available as an app on your phone.  Our website can tell when you visit the giving page as a PC or a phone and will give you the appropriate option.  You can download the app for your android HERE or apple device.  Finger print recognition is also available.  Make a little swipe and you’re ready to go!

Please click HERE for the Bible class slides.

Want to learn more?  Watch this Sunday’s Bible study in our series Joyful Generosity – Planned.