The Reason for the Season

What is the reason for the season? Does world peace have anything to do with Christmas?  How does Santa fit into the equation?  What about the Christmas Spirit?  There have been many poets who have written about the Christmas spirit.  Let’s explore the concept a little.

The feeling that surrounds, the traditions, the music, the food, yes – even the weather – all go into the Christmas spirit.  Growing up in Minnesota we averaged roughly 80 inches of snow a year.  Before middle school some of the snows that fell each year were over 100 inches of snow.  The snow was piled so high that we jumped off the roof into the banks of snow.  We have forts and tunnels!  The snow fights were epic!  Yes, I have fond memories.

There is nothing wrong with the memories that we enjoy from Christmases past.  The break in the middle of the school year and the end of the calendar comes at a time when families gather together.  There is nothing wrong with the joy that comes along with that time of year and those experiences.

The problem comes when that is all that the season becomes.  If there is no worship of Jesus anywhere, then the Christmas spirit is empty.  The same feelings can come at Thanksgiving or the 4th of July.  Any gathering of family and friends with traditions that bind us together culturally can produce the same effect.

Eggnog and being home for the holidays doesn’t erase the guilt on your soul.  The presents under the tree aren’t going to bring you closer to God.  Only the baby in the manger can do that.

The Christmas spirit is quite an emotional high, but the reason for the season is Jesus.  Want to hear more?  Check out the second lesson in our Bible study on the Christmas season.

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