Hunger is something that many of us have no experience with.  In our clip from Ends of the Earth this week, we see a little boy who doesn’t have enough food to eat.  He goes from person to person in the market asking for food, but no ones gives him any.  At least not until Lydia sees him and instructs a servant girl to give him some bread.

Hunger wasn’t just an ancient problem, it’s a modern problem.  Even though we have more food now than at any time in the history of the world, people still go hungry.  The problem of hunger isn’t just about not having enough food.  There are many problems in our sinful world that will always make hunger a reality.

Today in our Bible study we looked at the broader problem of homeless in Winston Salem, not just hunger.  There are a couple homeless shelter that have divided up the workload. The Salvation Army takes the women and children.  The Samaritan Ministries handles the single men in the community.  Those are the places (there are a couple more) where the community is encouraged to send the homeless population for a few reasons.  Those places have the resources and volunteers to work with everything from mental illness to job placement.

What can you do?  Star of Bethlehem Lutheran Church has volunteered at the Samaritan Ministries in the past but the shift is a difficult one for most families because it doesn’t end until 7:30 AM.  When you see someone on a street corner, in general giving money is discouraged because it can enable addiction and abuse.  Food can never hurt.  Maybe information about where the shelters are can be helpful.

Next Sunday, February 24, we will be gathering the needed supply of the month – instant potatoes for Crisis Control – another organization in Winston that helps with the hungry and the homeless.

All of this is one way we are letting our light shine before men that they might see our deeds and praise our Father in heaven.

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