Bad Press

Bad press is something that a public figure needs to avoid at all cost.  Once a reputation has been ruined, it can be almost impossible to get that back.  As Paul and his companions were walking through the ancient city of Philippi a demon possessed girl kept on telling anyone who would listen, “These men are servants of the Most High God.

This might seem at a first glance to be a good thing!  Isn’t any press good press?  Not so much.  Walking around for a few days trying to talk to people and build relationships can be difficult when there is a child right next to you telling people that you are a servant of the Most High God.  Everyone knew that she was demon possessed.  People might not know what to think, so it’s safer to simply stay away.

The video does a good job of pointing out there were more than a few authorities people had to deal with.  The real one – that being the government.  We take a minute to touch on the payment of taxes and more to the government.  God doesn’t leave any doubt on what we need to do.  The unseen one – that being the spiritual realm.  God is real.  Angels and demons are real.  However in the ancient world unless you knew the Holy Scriptures your knowledge of the spirit world was limited to legend and fear of the unknown.  What was worse in the ancient world – and still today – there are those who sell and make a living off of the fears of that unknown spiritual world.  If you don’t know the true God, you should make sure you have all of your bases covered.  That is buy an idol to every god – what if you make one angry?!  You would be in constant fear.

Paul proclaims the true God of love and peace.  The God who saves you and protects you.  The God who gives you live and food every day.  That God, the Triune God – Father, Son, and Spirit – is your God.

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