Worthy of Love

How can we know that we are worthy of love?  Is the young woman beautiful enough?  Is the young man a good enough athlete?  Are there qualities that are lovable?  Do parents love their children because they are cute or is there another reason?  Normally when we talk about worth, it’s what we bring to the table so that someone will want us.  That can work out well in many relationships.  Even being a warm body can be a desirable skill for a fast food restaurant!  Let’s up the ante a little and make the relationship that between you and your God.  Are you worthy of his love?

Many people seem to think so.  Often when I ask people about their relationship with God they answer using their life.  It’s not difficult to see ourselves as being pretty good when we compare ourselves to someone worse.  When my children were little they would get excited about playing a sport or learning a skill, say reading.  I love watching my children grow and learn.  This is truly one of God’s gifts to parents.  It doesn’t take long before a competitive child will desire to be the best at something.  I have always been quick to tempter their enthusiasm with the truth that there will always be someone better.  That doesn’t matter – of course.  God doesn’t call us to the best.  He calls us to be faithful with the gifts that he’s given us.  With those gifts and our faithfulness he promises to bless us.

Now for the matter of our worth!  God calls us to be perfect.  That is a crushing demand.  How can we ever be worthy of God’s love?  We are worthy of God’s love in baptism.  Jesus makes us radiant!

There are some who deny that a baby can believe and, along the same line, reject that the Lord’s Supper gives the Christian any benefit.  Many see Baptism and the Lord’s Supper as something we do for God.  Consider this blog post from Bread for Beggars that approaches the topic from the side of the culture.

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