Burn the Cart

Burn the cart!  Change your career!  Don’t look back!  That might sound drastic at first, but changing careers is common these days.  Did you know that the average college student changes his or her major three times?  Going from teaching to business may seem like a big jump in class type and possible job outcome, but in 2019 it can be difficult to find your way.  High schools are focused on college prep, not job experiences in the community.  As long a child has good grades, we mistakenly assume that there will be a job waiting for that child.  Grades are one metric to a person’s success, but social skills, work ethic and others are valuable skill matter to employers.

In our final Bible study from our series Ends of the Earth we find the Apostle Paul leaving the church in Philippi.  The magistrate of the Roman colony asked Paul to leave the city.  Paul complied after encouraging the fledgling church one last time.

At the end of the movie we find the idol merchant.  He offers to go with Paul and his companions because there is nothing left.  It would be impossible for him to sell idols now that he knew the true God.  Burn the cart!  Now what does he do with himself?  It’s pure speculation because this character isn’t mentioned in the Acts account, but he was in sales, why not work for the new church fearlessly telling people about the true God.  That might not be a full time job in the ancient world – even the Apostle Paul had to sell tents for a living.  Witnessing for Jesus does give life an amazing, fulfilling purpose.  Want to hear more including how we know that Luke stayed behind in Philippi? Check out this week’s Bible study – Burn the cart!

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