Lord’s Prayer Intro

The Lord’s Prayer is a model prayer in many ways.  Before we did into that prayer, we’ll take a Sunday to review some of the basics about prayer.  Some of the details be looked at were the whens, whos, for whoms, hows, and whys.  Let’s break one of these down.

When can we pray?  That’s kind of a tricky question because we hear the command from our God to “pray continually”.  I don’t know that any of us do that perfectly.  I know that technically, that’s an impossibility too.  No one can pray without stopping all the time.  God has also given us vocations, times of rest, etc.  When God tells us to pray continually might he be asking that we remember him in every circumstance and then go to him right away, not just when we’re at the end of our ropes?

What about some specifics?  When do you take time to pray every day?  Your situation might be different, but in many families there are times built into the routine for prayer.  Maybe every morning and every evening we work in times for prayer.  Possibly at every meal.  I’m going to suggest that when we’re driving in the car to take some of that windshield time and pray.  When else do you pray?  I’ve heard everything from time in the water closet to laying in bed in the middle of the night.

Want to hear more?  Plenty of details that God covers when it comes to pray, including prayer posture.  What are kneelers?  Why do we fold our hands?  Watch this Sunday’s Bible study – An Introduction to Prayer from our new summer series on the Lord’s Prayer.

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