Thy Will

The will be done is the prayer of countless Christians around the world on a weekly, if not daily basis.  What is the will of our God?  Before we get there, I’d like to talk about human will power.  I know that I look at great ancient leaders and marvel at how they could conquer and control a continent with just their will.  There was often an army behind that will power, but why should anyone follow?!  Maybe there was a promise of money, power or fame, but don’t underestimate the will power of a leader.

On the other hand – please do caution against trusting your own will power.  So often for the Christian this involves temptation.  Never purposely place yourself in a situation where you know that you will be tempted.  You aren’t strong enough.  Don’t take it personally – NO ONE is strong enough to resist every temptation.  That is why God tells us to flee from temptations.

Let’s jump back to our God now.  We are asking that God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  In heaven there is nothing stopping God’s will.  On earth there is the devil, the world, and the sinful flesh that covers our bodies.  We absolutely need God’s help that his will might be accomplished!  With God at our side we can avoid temptation.  With God at our side we can size up a situation and make a correct God’s pleasing decisions.  If God is not with us we are helpless and easy pickings for the old evil foe.

This Sunday’s Bible class in our series on the Lord’s Prayer was Thy Will be Done.

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