Word of Praise

Word of Praise is the mean of the Greek word doxology.  If you look up the Lord’s prayer in the gospel accounts, the Doxology isn’t included.  The reason is because it was never there.  The Christian church added it to the Lord’s Prayer many centuries ago.  The Address of the Lord’s Prayer and the Doxology make great bookends for the seven petition.  The Address reminds us to whom we are speaking and the Doxology reminds us that he has the power to answer our prayer.

The doxology also give us a chance to review what exactly prayer is and what it is not.  Prayer is when we talk to God.  Prayer gives us the chance to bend the ear of the Almighty Creator of heaven and earth.  We know that he wants us to pray – he commanded it.  We know that he will answer – he has promised to do so when we pray in his name.  Prayer is not, however, two way communication.  Pray is us talking to God, but for us to hear what God has to say we can go into Scripture to find answers.  Nowhere has God promised to answer prayer apart from the Bible.  God might use people around us to influence us, but that isn’t his promise.  Again God could use dreams, visions, or voices to answer our prayer or speak to us, but he has never promised to do so.  To wait or demand such answers from God can leave the person in prayer disappointed and disillusioned.  That is not God’s fault.

Want to hear more including what the answers to prayer can be?  Watch the final lesson in our series from the Lord’s Prayer – Doxology.

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