Bobbing for Apples

Is bobbing for apples actually part of goddess worship?  If you believe the history text books the answer is yes.  There is a record of goddess worship among the Romans after a victory that involved bobbing for apples.  In the more recent past the practice was a superstitious one that was thought to determine a young lady’s future husband.  But the question isn’t about the past, it’s about the present.  When you or your child goes to a Halloween party and there is a bucket full of water and apples, is it anything more than a little wet fun with friends?  Really, this question is symptomatic of the whole Halloween holiday.  Just because there were old festivals and practices that had terrible meanings, does that mean we have to be bound by them?

The Apostle Paul didn’t have to worry about Halloween, but there were pagan temples all around him.  The worship of false gods and goddesses was rampant.  Christians know that those gods aren’t real.  We don’t need to walk around on pins and needles as if they are.  At the same time, we don’t exist in a vacuum.  Our actions impact the lives of the people around us.  And just to make things even more muddied, there are those who cry “offense” for every little reason.  Should the Christian let those cries be a set of chains on our freedom in Jesus?  This last challenge in known by some as the tyranny of the weak.

This year at Star of Bethlehem we are taking advantage of the holiday known as Halloween and shining the light of Jesus on this dark holiday.  Join us for our Trunk or Treat as we pass out pieces of candy and plenty of smiles.  This is our largest outreach to the community of the year.  Come and enjoy the fun this Saturday, October 26, from 6 – 8 pm.

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